2008 Canadian Tire Interior Road Race Series
Female Scoring

Races of the IRA road race series, 2008
1Starting Block 10KFebruary 10
2Summerland Centennial HalfFebruary 24
3Lakeside 5KMarch 9
4Spring Run Off 10KMarch 16
5Oliver 10KApril 6
6Blossom 10 MilerMay 11
7Blackwell Dairy 15KMay 25
8Coalmont to Princeton 18KJune 8
9Midsummer 8KJuly 6
10Grizzly Bear 12KJuly 20
11Raven Run 10KAugust 17
12Bike Barn 10KSeptember 7
13Peak to Beak 18KSeptember 21


Final scoring

Competitors must complete five races to qualify for series awards and rankings. A maximum of seven races are counted towards a runner's point totals. Race directors (denoted as RD) receive twenty points for their race. Please contact results@interiorrunningassociation.com if there are any errors. Ties have not been resolved.

Final female scoring road race series, 2008
Age CatName12345678910111213Total# scoredAvg Pts/Race
F 20-29SHANNON THOMPSON30303030302530205729.3
KRYSTYNA DUNHAM3018222019109521.8
STACY PORTER11916119201612103713.0
DAWN CURTIS181613201582516.4
F 30-34STACEY BUTTERFIELD30302530303025200728.6
TRACIE GREEN30253025302225187726.7
F 35-39MANDY SELLARS30252222222230173724.7
YULIYA YASTREBOVA3030303030150530.0
ROBIN LEVANT252219172519127621.2
TAMMY CRAIG1930221920110522.0
NELL ELDERS182219151414102617.0
F 40-44DEBBIE TAYLOR30301320251813149721.3
LESLIE HASSELL1919191620RD93518.6
LISA SPALDING162215161887517.4
LINDA HANSEN171518111879515.8
F 45-49SHERRY SIM202519202017223022159721.7
REGINA BLACK2015152220251919140719.4
SHERRY MALIGASPE251519812195209119714.7
DEBRA DUNHAM2020RD193019108521.6
KATHLEEN RENAUD301712131717106617.7
CINDY GOSSELIN191218221788517.6
F 50-54CINDY RHODES30303030303030210730.0
LAURELEE WELDER25252525253030185726.4
LYNDA PROCE20202219302530166723.7
DONNA MAZURKEWICH251922221920252225161722.1
JOANNE MONTGOMERY22222230162225159722.7
SANDY WIKE151915162022222519143719.2
KATHRYNE FLANNERY1414151815109191416201719124715.4
WENDY HENLY171619201284516.8
PAULINE ULATOWSKI13148131563512.6
F 55-59ASTRID VARGA303025303030303025210728.9
JANET RHODDY30222522252530252522185725.1
LINDA FERGUSON201718222225222030161721.8
BONNIE ANDERSON25301418222018147721.0
F 60-64DIANE LEONARD30303030303030210730.0
KATHLEEN YANKE22222230201922303025252522187724.2
TONI CROCKETT25252025302225172724.6
LINDA WOODBURY1925251820252222158722.0
KAREN WILLIES202217192098519.6
F 65-69MIN RAYSON30303030303025205729.3
MYRNA BOSOMWORTH253025252522152625.3
F 70-74DOREEN MAYNE3030303030150530.0


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